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Real-time object recognition.

●Autonomous/ Drive Recorder analysis      
carsimulatorautonomousAutonomous/ Drive Recorder

Recognize and identify images of drive recorder using RNN and CNN.

*We developed an image annotation tool that is essential for machine learning.

*We uploaded videos that compared Utagoe's original tracking technology and other technologies (Median Flow, KCF) .

*We built a car simulator.

*Using LEGO® Mindstorm EV3, we have launched lane recognition experiments that are important for future autonomous driving technology.

- Wayrec -Japan's First Large-Scale Urban Landscape Dataset Constructed by Crowdsourcing.    

Wayrec provides a wide variety of driving recorder materials that are useful for accident analysis in the field of automated driving and delivery, as well as in automobile insurance-related systems, including machine learning (AI) training materials, with the aim of improving the efficiency and automation of traffic and transportation.

Wayrec Application ios&android  

The Wayrec application can be used as a drive recorder. In the future, we are planning various updates such as allowing users to upload drive recorder images at will.

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