machine learning、Real-time object recognition

Fast, accurate, in real time,

Real-time object recognition.

●Autonomous/ Drive Recorder analysis      
carsimulatorautonomousAutonomous/ Drive Recorder

Recognize and identify images of drive recorder using RNN and CNN.

*We developed an image annotation tool that is essential for machine learning.

*We uploaded videos that compared Utagoe's original tracking technology and other technologies (Median Flow, KCF) .

*We built a car simulator.

*Using LEGO® Mindstorm EV3, we have launched lane recognition experiments that are important for future autonomous driving technology.

●Real-time video analysis

●Voice recognition  

Singing voice recognition service

Recognize and identify human ambiguous utterances using EM algorithm and DP matching.

Singing voice recognition service


●Financial forecast

Predict data transition of finance using deep learning and LSTM.

Financial data forecasting service


Financial data forecasting service



・Care manager business support.

・Image analysis of care recipient.

Utagoe's machine learning continues to evolve as your partner in various fields.