ML Platform

Machine Learning Platform for the Environment


A variety of machine learning models are available on ML Platform.

Speech Recognition

It refers to the ability to "convert spoken words into text data" or "identify the person whose voice is being spoken by capturing the characteristics of the voice" by having a computer recognize human speech (conversation). Speech recognition technology is becoming a common part of daily life.

Object Detection

It is a computer vision technique for identifying objects in images and videos. Object Detection is one of the most important results of deep learning and machine learning. When humans look at a photo or video, they can quickly distinguish between people, objects, scenes, and details.


It stands for Optical Character Reader (or Recognition) and refers to an optical character recognition function that recognizes the text portion of image data and converts it into character data. Specifically, OCR is a technology that reads paper documents with a scanner, recognizes the written characters, and digitizes them.