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Speech recognition

Speech Recognition

Using speech recognition to evaluate, for example, a salesman's simulation. Transcribing from speech data, detecting specific words, etc., and evaluating the simulation.

Examples of speech recognition applications
・Analysis of vast amounts of recorded data (customer satisfaction, marketing)
・Real-time transcription (to streamline operations such as taking minutes)
・Data entry by speech recognition (reduction of input errors, including medical records and other specialized documents)
・Real-time translation (for use in tourism, inns, etc. to improve service quality)

Object Detection

Object Detection

This is a video analysis service that uses object recognition to analyze drive recorder video, recognize objects such as signs and obstacles as well as pedestrians, and measure the distance between the car and the other car or object. This service can be used to ascertain the circumstances at the time of the accident and to apportion responsibility.

Examples of Object Recognition Applications
・Abnormality detection and appearance defect detection. (control of defective products, constant quality)
・Diagnosis of building exterior. (reduction of human costs and standardization of diagnostic results)
・Security and surveillance applications. (real-time counting of the number of customers and their movements in the store, number of cars driving by, etc.)
・Utilization in the medical field. (early detection of cancer and other diseases, improved accuracy and speed of diagnosis, and improved quality of medical care)



A wide variety of invoices can be converted into data using AI-OCR, and paper and handwritten invoices can be tabulated, processed, and output.

Examples of AI-OCR Applications
・Number checks, etc. at factories and warehouses (ex.e.g., verification of delivery note data with inventory data))
・Voucher processing in accounting and accounting operations (ex. automation of invoice processing)
・Daily processing of order sheets, purchase orders, etc. (ex. Automation of orders and purchase orders)
・Input of application forms from customers (ex. OCR, RPA combined with business efficiency)